How It Works

The real time synchronization windows application is very handy and easy to use. In Real Time option it takes the backup of working file to any selected folder of selected drive. It Monitors folders for changes when any modification is done in that file, it also takes backup of a file. In addition to its real-time function, you can schedule regular, automatic synchronization. You can use it to sync folders and backup files such as photos, outlook, music, documents between desktops, laptops, servers, as well as ftp site. See for yourself how easy it is to set up and use the windows real time sync software. Below you will find our quick setup guide and how to automate synchronization.


Basic Setup

Step 1: Add new task


Step 2: Select sync method
Select the synchronization method you wish to use.


Step 3: Select source folders
With Real Time Sync you can synchronize or backup multiple source folders in one Task.


Step 4: Select target folder

Select the folder where you wish to synchronize to.


Step 5: Real time Synchronize your files

Select the sync task and select the Real-Time button to automatically sync your files in real time mode. Or select the Run button to analyse and sync your files manually.


Step 6: Synchronize your files

After you selected Real-Time button in step 5 then Real Time Sync software will open a new tab to show the actions for specific files or folders in real time sync process.