Use Real Time File Sync

Real Time Sync will copy files from a source folder to one or more targets, on different hard drives, external USB drives or on computers over the network LAN or FTP.

The real time file replication can happen in one direction or in both directions. When operating in real-time mode, the real time file sync software will keep track of the source folder(s) for changes, and once changes are discovered, the files which have changed are duplicated to target folders.

The real time file synchronization copy operation happens very efficiently without needing rescanning the source folder to locate changes. Even a single change in a millions of files will be replicated instantly. The real time monitoring happens via a native Windows API and it has no impact on the overall system performance, even if the file replication is occurring in real-time.

There are some probably the most common scenarios that may benefit from the Real Time file Sync software:

Continuous replication / backup of files and folders from a local computer to a file server or another computer over the network;
File Copying must happen as soon as a file change is applied.
Replicate user's files that are stored on a file server to a backup server for data protection and disaster recovery.
Replicate files disk-to-disk, to a NAS and/or USB drive in real-time for backup purposes, as soon as a file change is detected.
Distribute files to remote offices via VPN in real-time, as soon as file changes are detected.
Replicate / backup files from remote offices to a central location.
Replicate file changes between Windows servers, desktops, laptops, workstations as soon as they happen.
Web Content Distribution between multiple Windows web servers.
Offsite continuous real time file backup.